About Mimi Kebaya

Mimi Kebaya has been established since 2008 in Fashion Couture and Mimi Meira as a designer has fathom the taste, sense of style and passion to create such a beautiful wedding gown and luxurious dresses.

In the second quarter of 2012, Mimi Kebaya created a more upscale line, the private collection, the brand luxury custom designed wedding gowns, inspired by graceful & sophisticated ladies these who request exclusive dress made to order

After 10 amazing years, Mimi Kebaya become a brand which specializes in the Kebaya, dedicated to preserve the traditional heritage while fulfilling the needs of the modern Indonesian woman with high quality ethnic designs for everyone use, especially wedding dresses couture. also evening gown and international bridal with indonesian touch. Mimi Kebaya will continue to do so for many more years to come

The boutique is located on Jalan pajajaran (North Ring Road) no.26b Manggung Yogyakarta, and in May 2018 opened a boutique in Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar no.119 Yogyakarta

The Creation of a Masterpiece.

We create a work inspired by the beauty of ethnic and cultural applied to the modernisation of the fashion era then put them together with high level technique, so as to create a work of art with exclusive style, unique and elegance. made with fine duchesse satins, french laces, high quality brocade, fine embroideries and swarovski crystals, all handcrafted into perfect wedding gowns. each design is a true piece of luxury. That all packed into indonesian high fashion

Our Unique Style

To be exclusive, touch of ethnic & glamorous concept always apply in every details. Therefore a huge selection of high quality fabric and materials are to be considered as priority. sometime the clothes are not necessarily traditional, but rich in Indonesian character. The details are intricate yet the styles are simple.

Our Mission

The Mission is to reach out to the modern Indonesian women who want to wear clothes that are not necessarily traditional, but rich in Indonesian character. The details are intricate yet the styles are simple, so it is also wearable anywhere, anytime

Regardless of the claims about beauty, we believe every woman is beautiful, that's the inherent nature. it's just that sometimes the beauty is invisible, drowned in a fashion style that does not fit her shape.

With years of experience, we have helped many women find their beauty, with a dress just made exclusive for her, and particularly for you, we will be very happy to see how beautiful you really are, with dress that will make you look your prettiest self on the best day of your life.

We’re looking forward to help you, maximize your beauty and find your own personal taste dress.

For pricing and other inquiries, please email us at mimikebaya@gmail.com nor give us a call at WA +6282225503042